15 Awesome Wall Art Gallery Ideas For Decoration Your Wall Living Room

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If you have living room, you surely want to make it appear more stylish. If that is the case, then try to use wall art gallery as decoration on the living room wall. This decoration will make the living area appear more artsy and interesting.

But before you use it, there are a few things that you need to know. First is to choose the wall art with the right size. The size itself should be suitable for the living room size. If you already choose which wall you want to use as art gallery then try to measure that wall.

The wall art should be put in the middle of the wall and there should be around 6 inches space on each side of the wall art minimum. Thus, by measuring you will be able to know how big the wall art that you need.

Now if you wanted to create wall art gallery on the space on top of other furniture such as cabinet or sofa, then you need to make sure that the wall art should be smaller in length than the furniture or maximum the same size.

Do not forget that you can actually use smaller arts and arranged them together into a gallery wall. But if you wanted to do this, then there are more things to consider. First you need to make sure that each art piece can complement each other even though they are different. Then you need to use frame in the same style so they will become more uniform and blend better.

When it come to the art itself, you can actually use any kinds of arts that you want. There are a lot of ways that you can do to choose them, such as the colors, theme, style, and anything that you love to use as wall art gallery.

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Kenia Sase