33 Simple DIY Fun Landscaping Ideas to Inspire You

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For those who are blessed with having yards whether in front or back, then you surely need to organize the landscape. Do not worry as you can use simple DIY to create fun landscaping ideas that you can do yourself.

If that is what you are planning, then try to do the bigger projects first. Although the bigger projects might take more time to finish and will take more of your energy but it is the right method to do. The reason is because those projects will take more space in your yards thus you need to place them first before doing anything else.

Furthermore, usually those big projects will make your soil will become compact and might damage the plants and tuft around it. Thus, it is better to do the big projects first such as fencing, making patios, driveway, porch, and many others that you want to have on your yard. Do not forget that you might want to create a walkway that you can use to reach the backyard directly from your front yard. But you can always do it on the side where it is not too prominent.

Once everything is ready, then you can design the plants all around those things you have in your yard. But before you start to plant it, make sure to add organic matter to make it more fertile and readier for the plant to grow. Then create the bed lines and turf by marking the area clearly then start planting accordingly.

When you plan your garden, do not forget to also plant your greenery around your house. This will make the house blended better with the outdoor area which is the key for a great landscaping. Here are some of the fun landscaping ideas that you can use as inspiration to create beautiful yards that also simple to DIY.

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Kenia Sase