36+ Comfy Master Bedroom Brick Wall Decoration Ideas

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Bedroom is one of the house parts that is very personal. Besides, we have to make a comfortable space, the bedroom is also as much as possible designed as the owner’s wish. Color, lighting, texture, and each object plays an important role in the space. A comfortable and nice atmosphere in your bedroom will improve your sleep.

Concept and interior design can describe the personality of the room owner. There are many master bedroom ideas. Here are some master bedroom ideas to design your own bedroom as your personal sanctuary with brick wall decoration.

One of them is brick wall decoration. Because of the texture and natural colors in the brick, it gives warmth and character to your bedroom. The color and style of brick wall can make a big difference in the overall appeal of the master bedroom. Besides that, there are a lot of options in using exposed brick walls in the interior design to create a distinctive style and look. A brick wall without any decoration already looks good but it never hurts to add some decorations on the brick wall to make it better.

Use open-backed shelving in front of the brick wall is a good idea, rather than use furniture that covers the wall. You can put some decorations on the shelves or books. The open shelves with pretty decorations will look more stand outl.

You can add your favorite art or family photograph on the brick wall. A Gallery wall is one of the brilliant master bedroom ideas. The gallery-style setting will make your bedroom looks more attractive.

You also can choose bricks in different colors or paint brick to match your bedroom’s color theme. Colorful brick is a good contrast to the rest of the furniture in white color. If you don’t want to give many decorations to your bedroom, graffiti and mural is a good way to decorate your bedroom.

Beside of that, put a lamp for the light at night can be a good addition for decoration. Another idea to decorate the brick wall is by decorating wall with little lamps like the ‘tumblr’ style so your master bedroom could be more beautiful at night.

As you know, brick wall can make your bedroom looks better. If you’re looking for a refreshing change, we suggest you to give it a try for these master bedroom ideas. You won’t be disappointed.

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