40+ Awesome Studio Apartment Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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If you are thinking to remodel your apartment try to use bathroom remodel ideas to make your studio apartment appear more beautiful. Usually the bathroom is also having smaller size which make another challenge when you try to remodel it.

If you have very tiny space, then you might want to try to start with your sink area. Since you have limited space, then you can try to use slim sink which only need a little space area to use. Of course, it is still functional thus you do not need to worry about it, the best thing is the item is actually very unique which will make the bathroom appear amazing.

Medicine cabinet is something that you should also try to use if you have very small bathroom as it is useful to store your items. Furthermore, there are mirrors on the cabinet doors which means you do not need to install another mirror. This means you will save some space while still have functional items.

Some people wanted to have bathtub in their bathroom so you might need to consider having one when doing remodel. Of course, there are a lot of things that you need to consider such as the type of bathtub that you can use since the space is limited. The next thing is you need to consider is the layout of the bathroom so it will still be functional.

Do not forget that color scheme is important if you remodel your bathroom. And if your apartment has small size, then try to use neutral color scheme or at least bright colors to make your bathroom appear bigger.

Besides that, you should also consider the organization of your bathroom when doing the remodeling. For this, you can choose to use vanity or shelving on your bathroom organization. This is will also create awesome appearance when you do apartment bathroom remodel.

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