5+ Best Bedroom Modern Apartment Design Under 100 Square Meters

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For those who has small bedroom in under 100 square meters apartment, then is important to decorate it. But be very careful since you do not want to make the bedroom appear too crowded and make it even smaller than it really is. There are actually a few tricks that you can do to have a nice bedroom with best decoration.

First if you do not have a lot of space, then you might want to use hanging nightstand or even create DIY nightstand. With hanging nightstand, you do not need to have any space on the ground to put it. And with DIY nightstand then you can customize the size with any available size you have in your bedroom.

Or if you want to have lighting but do not want to have any nightstand to decorate your apartment then you can try to mount them on the wall. That way, you can still use the lighting for best function but do not need to waste any space to have them.

If you really cannot have a bedroom in your apartment under 100 square meters then you can try to use murphy bed. That way you can free the space in your floor and have a bedroom that also function as other furniture that also useful for your apartment.

When it comes to color scheme, you can always use neutral color or just go bright if you want. The neutral color you will make the room appear bright and calming with soft colors. But if you want to go bright then you will make the room appear unique and interesting.

Remember that you need to use any space in your apartment as efficient as you can. Make use every space and do not waste anything. Here are some of the ideas that you can use in your apartment to design it.

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Kenia Sase