50+ Creative Design Jewelry Organizer Wall Display Ideas

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49 of 50

For some women, having tons collection of jewelries is a must where they can wear different jewelry every day and on different occasion. But, organizing these collections isn’t as beauty as it looks. Wrong place to store them can make most of jewelry collections unseen which usually makes them unused. Also, it is possible that putting jewelries into one place, in a drawer for example, can tie them up and even losing some of them. This makes although you have lots collections of jewelries, but you will probably wear the same one. So, it is time to put your jewelries out from the drawer and considering some wall display ideas.

Hanging the jewelries is considered the most effective way to store it because it will be easy to pick which jewelries to use if you can see them all. Also, with so many collections of jewelries, you may want to show them off instead of storing it under the table unseen. More importantly, it will reduce the chance of you losing jewelries again. It is pretty easy to make this wall display, even by yourself.

The first wall display ideas are to set a thick strip wood to the back of the door or wall. Then put in some hooks on the wood then you can store and hang the necklaces here. While for the earrings, you can use curb chain installed right above the necklace hanger. Of course you can determine how long the wood and curb chain is depending on your size of collections.

Using same concept, you can put the hooks into Driftwood. It is perfect to make your jewelries looks natural. But, make sure to not put too much colorful jewelry here since it will ruin the natural mood. With some similar natural wall display ideas, you can use tree branches to display your jewelries. Just dry some branches and apply spray paint to it and it is ready to hang and use. Make sure your jewelries that hanged here is not too heavy since it can break the branches.

You can also make elegance and modern looks of wall display ideas. Make an earring display by removing the back of a frame and put in the wire. It is important to choose a beautiful frame if you want to maximize the look. Then on the top you can install a rod that can be used as necklace and even watch holding.

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Kenia Sase