70 Brilliant Scandinavian Living Room Designs

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For those who want to redesign their living room, try to use Scandinavian design which is actually very beautiful. This design is currently very trendy especially for living room since it has beautiful characteristic that makes it distinctive compared to other style. This style appears simple and value function more than appearance, this is why it is very suitable for modern lifestyle.

If you want to try using this style, then first you need to take a look at the color scheme. Since this style value simplicity, then you need to also create a simple color scheme. The most used color for this style is white and gray as the main color. Then you can use pop of colors for the other decoration in minimum to make the appearance become more beautiful.

When it comes to the design you should think about the function of each pieces that you put inside the room. It is something that Scandinavian living room design opt for since the room should be simple but still function. Put sofa that is big enough to accommodate everyone in the house. Then arrange every item neatly on the shelves which should also function well to organize your items.

When it comes for the flooring, it is better to use wooden flooring as the background for everything. You can use any kind of tone for the flooring, but this style will most likely match the lighter wooden tone compared to the darker tone. The lighter tone will make the decoration appear clean and airy which is why it is suitable for this style.

For more decoration, you can add items such as chandelier which can also give good ambience for the room. You can also add unique furniture such as chairs which can be the focal point of your Scandinavian living room design. Here are some of the things that you can do.

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