70 Smart Dorm Room Organization Ideas on A Budget

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Do you know the dorm room organization? Well, dorm rooms that have limited space make you have to think more creatively in designing it. Especially if you have a roommate, you should think about how you sleep, study or relax in your room.

The dorm room organization at this time are not just limited to posters, chairs, and bookshelves. But for students who are quite insightful and technology savvy, they want a room design that can reflect their character. The following is the idea of organizing a dorm room to make it look beautiful and neat.

The hanger of over door

Don’t forget the door when it can be used to arrange your room to stay neat. Usually, dorm rooms don’t allow nails on the wall to hang your belongings. Buying a hanger on the door will solve this problem. This tool can be installed and removed so you can carry it anywhere if you want to move rooms every semester.

Storage area under the bed

In a small dorm room let alone share with others, every inch is valuable. Don’t forget the space under your bed if there is space left. You can use a closed box or suitcase to store items such as clothes, shoes, bags, and other unused stuff. However if your wardrobe is too small, you can use some boxes as the storage boxes and just put them under your bed as a drawer.

Closet organizer

You can buy a closet organizer if you want to get more space or shelves for your wardrobe. You can arrange your socks, pants, as well as your accessories with the organizer so you can use space efficiently.

Set your table

Keep the table surface clean by using space and vertical wall for many extra items. Hang cork strips and cork boards, baskets and also another cubby from a wall in the wall pattern of cool gallery. Then, use the adhesive strip of command instead of the nail for holding the item in the area.

You may also give or add table covers to add shelves and extra storages. Then, decorate the tabletop support by:

Layers with decorative paper of printing

Adding boards of cork installing magnetic boards

Drawing the tabletop with a whiteboard paint

Add coffee stations and snacks

It is good for using one or two caddy of rolling for storage of food and also base for mini refrigerator. Well, if you are a coffee fan, why not make a small bar of coffee wherever in the dorm room of yours? Use a simple and cute table or roll for your maker of coffee and also supplies. Then, add some storages of wall to hang cups of coffee. If the problem is hanging some items which are heavier, add a topper table to the table of yours to keep practical all of your supplies and mugs of coffee.
Are you ready to tidy up your dorm room more beautiful with those dorm room organization?

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