23+ Lovely Farmhouse Front Porch Ideas

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A porch is a massive spot to spend lazy summer afternoons, sipping your tea and see the people crossing around outside of your house.With the right planning and the right furniture you choose, front porch also can be used for multi-purpose space.

Upgrade your basic front porch to one that has an eye-catching design. Nowadays, farmhouse design is not only used for the living room or kitchen. Farmhouse design also used for front porch.
Farmhouse style can make the space feel cozy. With some simple style farmhouse front porch ideas, you can create the farmhouse front porch with your own style.

Decoration is the most important thing in designing farmhouse porch. There are many decorations that you can find or you can make your own according to your creativity. The example of decoration to make farmhouse style to your front porch are country-style sign to welcome your guest, wreath to a home’s entrance decor, animal accents on decoration, and unique house-number sign.

Besides decoration, furniture is the other important thing. Rustic-style furniture is needed when it comes to the farmhouse style. You can use rustic wood chair and table to create farmhouse feeling to your front porch. Besides a rustic wood chair, you can also use wooden bench for lovely focal point. Add an animal printed pillow to the chair for cozy farmhouse front porch.
A country-style wooden door will be good to use as an entrance door for your farmhouse front porch. Light brown or white color for the country-style wooden door will look good. Add your handmade wreath is a perfect addition to your home entrance. The wreath gives a warm and homey feel. You also can add a welcome mat in front of the door to make it look better.

If you have more space in your front porch, you can add wooden cabinets for your front porch. Besides, it can be a focal point to your front porch, you can add some decor pieces at the cabinet. You can sit a picture or put small plants there.

However, if you can’t add cabinet to your front porch, you can use the space to put some plants and other decorations such as ladder or standing lamp. The plants will make your front porch looks beautiful and more fresh. It will be better if you put flowers plant so your front porch will be colorful.
Now you got some farmhouse front porch ideas to make your porch looks something different. Are you ready to try it?

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