45+ Exciting Living Room Decor Ideas

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Having a comfortable, nice and stylish living room is everyone dreams since most of their time in home will be spent here. Also, it is a place where family can hang out and have quality time. So, living room should become the most comfortable and relaxing room in the house. Actually it is not that hard to make comfortable and stylish living room as long as you know what to do. From the furniture to the living room decor, there are lots of things to consider.

First to consider is of course the paint colors of living room. It is important because the color of your living room can make certain impression or moods for people in it. The main thing to consider in choosing paint color is the theme or color harmony with other rooms. If your house is designed in certain theme or main color, don’t go far from it. Commonly, using neutral color like white and grey can make your living room looks more spacious, bright and elegant.

Next living room decor to think about is the furniture. Before putting or buying furniture, you must aware about the size of your living room. How many people that usually hanging out in living room and the traffic flow in your living room are things that determine what kind furniture you should put in living room.

After you have the picture of furniture arrangement, rugs is important in designing living room. But, choosing rug is a little tricky especially choosing the right size since if you are choosing too small rug, it make the living room looks cramped and disjointed. The furniture you choose before must be placed above the rug, but don’t cover all floors with it. Give at least 15 inches space for bare floor between the rug and the walls.

Of course living room decor isn’t complete without the art. Don’t leave the wall of living room empty, but also don’t fill up every area in your wall. If related to art for wall decor, every person must have their own taste. So, this is where you can express yourself to decide what should be put in living room. You don’t need to use expensive art, with proper arrangement; the inexpensive art can take your living room into the next level.

The last important that should not be missed is lighting. It can bring every living room decor you put before into life. Make sure your living room is well-lit. If you have quite narrow living room, consider to use natural light of sun to make it more spacious. Using bright lighting is also possible if there is no window nearby.

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