45 Beautiful Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

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The exterior of your house is the first one that people will see before they enter the house. It become something that will increase the expectation that they felt for the interior. This is why, it is important for you to also build a nice farmhouse exterior design if you also use this theme inside the house.

First thing first, you may want to use dark roof since it is one of the main signatures of this style. of course, it should not always be black as a lighter shade than black might also work. The key is to balance the shade that you use in the whole exterior so they can blend together nicely.

Next is for the exterior wall. Most of the time, you will see farmhouse style house will use natural element for their exterior. For example, wooden plank or even stone and exposed brick. You can choose to use material that is more suitable to the look that you going for as this style can be design with various look. But remember that farmhouse exterior design will most likely appear natural because of the usage of those natural material.

Next you need to pay attention to the detail such as window frame and doors. It is important that it also appear natural, thus you will most likely to use wooden material or other material with wooden appearance. This will help to tie the exterior design to the nature that surround it. If you want it to be more stylish, you can always pain the frame and door with suitable color according to your taste.

Next is to decorate your exterior with things such as hardware, lamps, and even plants that you put on the yard. Unite the farmhouse exterior design with your yard design so they can complement each other. It is also one of the key to unite your house with nature.

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Kenia Sase