80 Amazing Modern Kitchen Design and Decor Ideas

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Let’s talk about the modern kitchen design! It is a pride to have a cool and beautiful kitchen. Of course, you know that in today’s modern era, the kitchen does not only function as a place for cooking. The actual kitchen can also be a relaxing place when gathering with family or friends when they visit. Therefore, we do have to design and maintain the appearance of our kitchen so that it is always cool but does not spend a lot of money or all furniture remains at an affordable price. Come, see the following tips on designing a modern kitchen!
Use of open shelves

In designing a small kitchen with modern kitchen design, you can use open wall shelves or open shelving that can store a variety of kitchen equipment. This open shelf can give the illusion of a bigger room and can beautify your kitchen if you can arrange kitchen utensils properly in it.

Vegetable garden in the kitchen

Now, there are no more reasons not to be able to make a garden in the house. Including, in the kitchen.
Yes. To get the green space, you can always make a vertical garden or use a bookshelf, to put all your plants there. Spread the pot in your kitchen area, or put a new shelf specifically for plants, and see for yourself how it will create a beautiful effect. According to plant experts, cultivation and gardening, are therapeutic and anti-stress. The green color itself is often used to overcome cases of depression and become a color filled with positive energy.

Room in contrast

For the design of a small kitchen, large windows, and quality lighting, the room will look bright and enchanting. The choice of furniture with a dark color that contrasts with wall paint will make the design of a small kitchen feel more elegant.

Use light

Natural light has an amazingly good effect on our mood. And learning how to use it properly and optimally, is a great way to save energy. And not only your wallet will thank you, but also your environment.

Open your window and let the sun come in. Use thin curtains and choose bright colors that do not absorb light, but filter it to illuminate the room.
One more thing: electric lights are also important. And if you haven’t already, then this is the time to replace your kitchen (and home) lights with low-energy lamps. Indeed, the price is more expensive than usual, but remember, this type of lamp will make you save around 70% because they consume energy between three to five times less. Moreover, these lights are also more durable – six to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

The use of shiny furniture

In addition to using furniture such as glass, shiny furniture such as ceramics for the floor and backsplash near the sink, or electronic devices made of stainless steel can also be used for small kitchen designs. A cabinet with a stainless steel frame can make your small kitchen tidy and spacious.
Those are the modern kitchen design. Try to apply it!

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